Goby - 20 g 8 cm

av Westin
69 kr

Several different species of fish from the Gobiidaefamily also known as Goby's are commonly distributed along the Scandinavian coastlines. They are common pray and serve as an important food source to most Scandinavian sea trout's. Just like the real thing, Westin Goby is irresistibleto trout's. It comes in a great selection of colors and sizes and due to theprovocative swimming action and the long casting abilities it's a "must have" in the lure box of any serious sea trout angler.

  • Materials: ABS plastic / Lead
  • Japanese-style hook
  • Hook size: #4 / #5
  • Stay On - double split ring hook mount
  • Designed anddeveloped in Scandinavia

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