3D Iron Mask Deep Diver 115 11.5cm 31g

av Savage Gear
99 kr

Perfectly made replica from small herring that imitates a wide variety of prey fish both salt and freshwater. The Iron Mask, dives fast, with a great tight wobble and flash • runs perfectly with a big speed window making it a very versatile deep diver in both fresh and saltwater. The unique Plated steel €œIron Mask€ at the tip of the extreme lip protects it from cracking on Rocks and hard bottom and creates an extra flash in the water!

  • • Perfect for trolling and casting, cracking and deep twitching!
  • • Great lure for both Saltwater and Freshwater species!
  • • Extreme diving design, (up to 10m)
  • • Unique Protective Lip Iron Mask
  • • Big speed window (1,5-5kts)
  • • Superior 3D details and realism
  • • Subtle rattle attraction sound
  • • Slow floating for great deep twitch action
  • • Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles (#4 /90mm #1/115mm)
  • • Tough Hard Body ABS
  • • Thru going wire harness (115 size)

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