Daiwa Shogun AGS Spin 5-25 g 9' - haspelspö

av Daiwa
Spara 296 kr
3 995 kr
3 699 kr

Classic design with modern twist and modern technology - SHOGUN.
Shogun rods combine all recommendable attributes of a spinning rod for sea trout.

Due to the use of SVF carbon fiber, X45 construction and the Nanoplus technology, we were able to develop incredibly light blanks, which instantly resile to their starting position after the cast! The spigot joint with V-Joint technology enables the design of especially slim rods with enormously improved bending curve and increased resilience regarding the connections between all different parts. The X45 construction improves the compression of the blank and makes the whole rod even more distortion-proof – more precise casts and a reduced risk of fractures are the result!

SHAGS902MLRS-BS 9'/274cm 135g 5-25g Regular 2

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