DropBite Tungsten Spin Tail Jig 13 g

av Westin
Spara 30 kr
179 kr
149 kr

At Westin we love lures that are long casting and easy to fish. This hard nut casts a mile due to its compact shape and tungsten body. Let it sink to the desired depth and fish it on a steady retrieve. The Tungsten body is fixed directly into our custom-made Colorado spin tail, making this one hard diamond that will stand the test of time! Thanks to the direct connection the vibrations from the blade are amplified by the body, calling predators from far and wide. This extremely detailed lure can be fished in several ways and works great in all types of water, including deeper lakes, on rivers, and from the shore or boat. Try jigging it along the bottom. The blade will spin and vibrate even when the lure drops, triggering predators to strike. DropBite Tungsten Spin Tail Jig can also be fished vertically, straight under the boat, simply fish it up and down in the water column. A versatile and long casting lure that covers a lot of water with the most insane tight and erratic swimming action, thanks to its fat and compact shape.

  • Tungsten body
  • Lead free
  • Ultra sharp and strong carbon steel hooks
  • Custom-made Westin Colorado blade
  • Integrated ball bearing swivel
  • Active Eyes
  • Hand painted detailed colors
  • Tight and erratic swimming action
  • Compact and long casting design

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