Micro Minnow 30F - 1,5g

av Daiwa
79 kr
  • Ultra light micro lure
  • Good casting performance
  • Floating
  • Shallow runner (max 20-40cm)
  • Slow and fast retrieve styles
  • Works well in slow to medium current
  • 3D Prorex eyes
  • Belly based treble hook
  • Supplied with additional single hook
  • Eight colour options
This micro-lure of 3cm is perfectly applicable for the whole range of ultra-light fishing and is very successful for trout, perch and chub. Due to the diving lip’s construction, this lure can be presented very slow as well as very fast and thus is optimally fitting for fishing in small rivers. The Micro-Minnow is delivered with additional single hook, and thus can be modified easily.
SIZE WEIGHT Style Diving Depth (m)
PX MICRO MINNOW 30F  3cm   1,5g  Floating       0,2-0,4m

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