Westins jätte 17 cm 47 gram Flytande

av Westin
129 kr

Westins Jätte - 17cm / 47g / Floating

The Famous "Westin roll" - the unique rolling movement of these predator lures - is the trademark of Westin Jätte. It has an almost magical effect on pikes that seems to ignore other lures. Days and years of carving, adjusting and testing were used when the Westin family created their first lures with this superior rolling action. For the last many years the 17cm Westin Jätte has been a "must" in the lure box selection of any Scandinavian big pike hunter. It is perfect for depths between 2 and 4 meters and it has exactly the same "Westin roll" as the first lures created many years ago.

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lead Free Construction
  • Hook size: #2
  • Japanese style carbon steel hooks
  • Running Depth: 2-4 m
  • Full wire-through-body construction

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